Professional Organizer

Are you constantly looking for things in your home or office? Do your keys and glasses have a magical way of disappearing? Do papers pile up on your desk at home or in your office? Is your file system like “the black hole of Calcutta” when you need an important document? Ronald Young has worked as a professional organizer for over 20 years and can help you bring order back to your life. In a very nonjudgmental way he can help you discover the ideal way to address the challenges that come from the worry of misplacing the items you need to make your life work.

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Jillian Strauss - New York City Resident

This thank you is long overdue. I just wanted to let you know how much Ii appreciated your dedication and delightful attitude. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who is not only talented but takes so much pride and care in their job. I am proud to report I’ve been keeping things in order thanks to you. I’ve been enjoying my apartment and I can even find things, (Yippie!) Truly, it was the best money I’ve ever spent. You are a true professional and a sweetheart. I’ve been referring people to you and I look forward to having you back for more projects in the future.

Thanks again and take care,

Gayle J. Goodman - New York City Resident

Hello and Happy New Year! I just HAD to send a note to say thank you for our wonderful, hands-on, down on YOUR KNEES organizational session of my home office. You SO inspired me to purge, sort and re-organize, that I went whole hog, and cleaned up the entire apartment enough to have a great 50th birthday party here with NOT ONE PIECE OF PAPER near my desk.

All because of YOU. It was a marvelous session, with so many great tips and directions that make sense. All my financial files are now in one place, I am making ONE location for paper goods and office supplies - it’s great! You have given me a road map to follow and LIVE BY, and I so appreciate it.

Glad we hit the office. Gave me reverberation effect to PURGE the entire apartment! Hung my pictures, added plants - it looks like someone LIVES here now, not just works.

Thank you! It was so much fun and a PLEASURE to meet you. Here’s to a successful and organized 2007!

Best Regards,
Gayle J. Goodman

Marilyn Mlnarik – Realtor, Grand Lake, OK, Retired CPA & Business Consultant

You could describe my personal chaos as an eclectic pick-up-sticks collection of important and totally unimportant stuff; neatly stacked in chronological order, and catalogued neatly in my mind. My chaos graced almost every room, closet, unused surface and storage spot I had access to. Over time, it grew to be a complex mystery and mental frustration for me, and for my patient husband who had now missed seeing his over-sized pool table, office, and more for several years. Yes, it was a daunting a task. It was a feared mountain yet to be climbed, crippling me for months at a time. Unknowingly, the challenge was negatively impacting my personal life, valued relationships, and self esteem. Some of the first and most important things I learned in the arduous out of chaos journey is that Ron doesn’t do things for you. Ron does things with you, beside you, and through you. He builds structure utilizing your own raw materials. He quietly cultivates simplicity, no matter how hard you fight the process. He quickly learns and respects your limits. Ron is never judgmental. He keeps you on task.

My journey’s destination, was a significant new beginning for me, not an ending as I had expected. Ron Young successfully brought me through to the other side. My order out of chaos destination and new learned beginning took about six weeks. Notably too, it came at a cost much less than equal quantities of psychotherapy. Thank you, Ron. You changed my life today.

Juanita Owens – Retiree

The thing about Ron is that dirt and disorder reverberate through his body as if he were suffering unending physical pain. He would clean up the world single-handedly if he were supplied with the means to accomplish such a task. But above and beyond and despite the messes he must often run into, he likes people and wants to help them.

I have lived next door to Ron for many years and for years he overlooked my messy apartment until I came to the realization that something had to be done. I asked Ron to help me and without any scolding he dived right in and kept at it until I had a decent place to live in. Of course I’m eternally grateful to Ron, though I slip and slide, the under structure he created makes keeping order much easier.

Christina Volkwein – President of the Greenwich Ballet Academy & busy Mom of Three

Ron has helped me with many organizing projects over the years and I feel so lucky to be both his client and his friend. Projects that would take me eons to do by myself somehow get done in far less than half the time when Ron is helping me. Each session is extremely productive yet we find plenty of time to talk and laugh our way through the day. Ron honors the client’s point of view about a project and adapts an approach to it in a way that really works! You simply could not find a better person in the world for this type of work than Ron.

Marilyn Conner – Grand Lake Resident

I now have a pretty and well organized closet!! Thanks to Ron Young who made it fun and easy. In one Saturday afternoon Ron came over and together we went through all my stuff. Ron does not make you feel guilty that you have umteen pairs of shoes and purses. He just makes them much easier to find and nicer to look at by keeping like things together. It was a magical transformation! Now I can see what I have. It is easier and quicker to get dressed. And I even have more space in the closet! My closet used to be off limits for anyone to look into. Now I proudly show it off!

Another talent of Ron’s is his ability to look at a room and see what might make it more attractive. We have our home for sale and he was very helpful in showing us several areas we could change and make more inviting.

Having Ron work with you in both these areas is certainly money well spent!

Thank you, Ron!

Marilyn Conner
Grand Lake resident