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An Evening with Ron Young at 1909 Grove

On Tuesday, Feb 27th, at 1909 Restaurant there was a dinner show to celebrate the first year anniversary of the restaurant and to raise funds for Har-Ber Village. After dinner I did a one act version of my one man a cappella show.

Ron's 100th Anthem Bash (Video)

On Sunday afternoon, Jan 21, 2018, I sang our National Anthem at the 100th event in the last 6 years. The celebration was one of the proudest days of my life.

Tulsa University Alumnus – The Ron Young Story

Ron's Alumnus Interview at Tulsa University – September 22, 2017. Includes three videos.

Click image link.

Grove Christmas Parade

On December 10, 2016 I was honored to be the Grand Marshall of the Grove, Oklahoma, Christmas Parade. It was great fun to ride on the back of that little red T-Bird, belonging to Ivan Devitt. It was pretty chilly that night so I had on 5 layers underneath that red sweater, hence the Pillsbury Doughboy look. My friend, Judy Campbell, made my Chorus Line hat look festive. All in all it was a great evening.

Living Grand on Grand Lake Season 2 Episode 13 (Video)

This episode of “Living Grand on Grand Lake” contains an interview I did about my Broadway career and coming back home to Oklahoma to live on Grand Lake. It starts at 13:20 of the half hour segment and runs a little less than 5 minutes.

Barnes & Noble Book Signing – The Only Boy Who Danced

The Only Boy Who Danced

On Friday, 6/29, I did an interview/book reading at the Barnes & Noble bookstore on 86th St and Lexington Avenue. It was a wonderful experience for me. Richard Skipper arranged it and interviewed me. A lot of friends showed up, plus new friends to support me. One of my new friends has even volunteered to help me do an audio book, which I have wanted to do since The Only Boy Who Danced was first published. I will be back in OK Monday night in time to sing at Har-Ber Village in Grove on 7/4, at 1:00PM.

Hello, Dolly – January 19, 2014 - 50th Reunion

On January 19, 2014 the 50th reunion of “Hello, Dolly” took place at Sardi’s in New York City. There were not as many people connected with the show that were still around. In the photo are Joan “Buttons” Leonard, Jan LaPrade (dancers), David Hartman (Rudolph, the Head Waiter), Sondra Lee (Minnie Fay), Ronnie Young (dancer), Nicole Barth (Dancer), Artie Sicardi (Head Carpenter) and Mary Jo Catlett (Ernestina Money). I had kept in touch with several cast members over the years, but I had not seen Jan in about 47 years, so that was a real treat to reconnect with her.

The person responsible for making this come together was my friend, Richard Skipper. He was not with the original company, but has long been a great devotee of Carol Channing and the show. This would not have happened without his enormous effort.

Sunday, January 19 at Sardi's.

My One and Only – June 2, 2013 - 30th Reunion

On June 2, 2013 we had the 30th reunion of the cast and crew of “My One and Only” on the 4th floor of Sardi’s in New York City. There was a big turnout with lots of photographs and cast members performing. There were a lot of memories floating around that room that day. In the show I stood by for both Tommy Tune and Charles “Honi” Coles.

During the two and one half years I was with the show on Broadway and the International Tour, I went on for Tommy about 30 times and Honi about 80 times. It was wonderful to be able to play such two diverse roles.

The event had a great feel to it of reconnecting with old friends.

Ron with Twiggy and Tommy Tune.

Arts Fifth Avenue Diorama - Ft. Worth Texas

My friend, Gracey Tune, is the director of Arts Fifth Avenue in Ft. Worth Texas. In her Home School Class with students ages 6 - 12 years old they created a Diorama celebrating Tap Dancing. The requirement was to use Peeps, the popular marshmallow candies. They created a phalanx of tap dancers, complete with hats and canes. The surprise was seeing my photograph incorporated into the project. What fun!

Mentoring – Young People of the Next Generation

Recently I was asked to submit an article as a mentor for YPNG (Young People of the Next Generation). Click on for my article, or click on for the website. My friend, Bill Langdon has created this and when it gathers momentum with many mentors it will be a good site for young people searching for information on possible careers. If you would like to write an article sharing your experience, just contact YPNG. My article basically covers what I wrote in my book with some additional facts researched by Bill. It seems like an excellent way to pass on what one has learned in life’s experiences. It might be just what someone has been wondering about in their life’s choices.

Here is a very brief part of their mission statement. “Young People of the Next Generation’s mission is to provide young people with the information they need to research the many career options available, the training and skills that are required and each individual career’s economic prospects.”

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